2016 Best Drones With Cameras

They're the best drones with cameras, and some without. We review and provide in depth video on each drone that you might be interested in getting. The best drones with cameras are found by compiling a list of the best selling drones every month and picking the ones that people have shown the most interest in.

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Yuneec Breeze 4K FPV Camera Drone

In my last post on the Q500, I mentioned that my brother was headed to Peru in February, 2017. Last night, I talked to him about drones and he really wanted to save some space during his travels, and felt that DJI sized drones (The Q500 included) was going to be just too large for what he wanted. I'm no looking at smaller drones that still do the 4K video and have reasonably long flight times. The Yuneec Breeze might just be the answer...

Yuneec Breeze seems like the perfect option for travelers that want to capture the moment during their travels in a different way. Drones lend themselves well to taking both selfies as well as wide, scenic shots from just about any angle.

The Yuneec Breeze is one of the top contenders I'm considering buying my brother for his travels to Peru this February. It's smaller than the usual DJI / Yuneec size and packs away nicely in a backpack as carry on luggage.

My brother wants to use the drone to document most of his trip to Peru. He'll be using it wherever he can, but also is taking a GoPro Hero 5 and selfie stick to get the footage where flying drones isn't permitted. He'll be creating a Vlog with the footage -- kind of like what HausOfColor on YouTube has done here (minus the baby, LOL):

 While I'm still hunting around for a good fit that's going to work for him (and my budget of less than $1200), the Yuneec Breeze is probably one of the top choices I've found so far.

Price Range: $399 - $799 depending on package



Yuneec Breeze Details

  • Yuneec Breeze Compact Drone with 4K Selfie Camera
  • Xtreme VR Vue Virtual Reality Viewer for Smartphones
  • Recommended for flying indoors, propeller protectors prevent the propellers from coming into contact with other objects.
  • Featuring breathtaking 4K Ultra High Definition and ultra-clear 13 megapixel stills, Breeze is just as capable as drones twice its size. Enjoy a live 720 HD live stream of your flight on your smart device.
  • At just under one pound, Breeze is the ideal flying camera that can be taken anywhere.
  • Foldable propellers and an included carrying case make Breeze compact for easy transport

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x RC Quadcopter
  • 1 x Charger
  • 4 x Propeller
  • 4 x Propeller protector
  • 1 x Manual