2017 Best Drones With Cameras

They're the best drones with cameras, and some without. We review and provide in depth video on each drone that you might be interested in getting. The best drones with cameras are found by compiling a list of the best selling drones every month and picking the ones that people have shown the most interest in.

Visuo XS809HW Folding Altitude Hold FPV Selfie Drone

This Drone Review is on the Visuo XS809HW which is the Altitude Hold version of the sister drone, the XS809W (Notice no "H"). Besides for the altitude hold function, there's no difference between the two, but it's worth going through all the features anyway for a complete quadcopter review today.

The Visuo XS809HW has a low price tag, but is loaded with really cool features.

The first thing you've probably noticed is that the rotor arms tuck away against the body of the quadcopter for easy storage.

This helps immensely when you want to carry the drone with you in a backpack or suitcase where storage space is at a premium.

It's also a 720P Wide Angle Camera Drone


The Visuo XS809HW offers a 720p wide angle camera that's integrated right to the underside of the drone. The lens does move up and down to give you the best angle, but with the wideness (170° field of view) angle of the camera is excellent for most flying situations.

You need to have a MicroSD card inserted into the camera on the drone in order to record 720P video. If you don't have a microSD card, you can record video from the app on your phone, but it's only 480p low res and frankly, it's choppy video output.

Two Ways To Fly The Drone

The drone has both WiFi and 2.4gHz modes, so either you can fly the drone with the included handheld controller, or if you download the app to your phone, you can also use the app to fly the drone as well.

10 Minutes Of Flight Time

The drone offers a very nice 10 minutes of flight time from the 3.7v proprietary battery that's included with the drone. Having longer run times than the usual 5 minutes you see on other pocket selfie drones makes flying a bit more fun!

The battery itself has a charging port on the side that is a standard MicroUSB charging jack (Android phone), so you can use your 1.0A or 2.0-2.4A charger to charge the battery!

It also can be charged using a portable battery pack you would normally use to charge your phone, making this drone even more convenient to have with you.

There is a charging cable included with the drone, but no wall plug, so you'll either have to use the one that came with your phone, go out and buy one, or use your computer to charge the phone.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Auto Takeoff and Landing

The drone offers both auto take off and landing, so if you're not confident about your skills yet, you can use this feature to get flying or to land the camera drone.

The controller also has a button that will shut down the rotors in emergency situations. Lets say that you fly into a tree, or your drone just starts veering off in some direction.

All you need to do is hit the button and it will shut the rotors off, forcing the drone to land.

The controller has both a camera and video button on the right side. This can be a bit confusing as those buttons are for the camera (no wi-fi) version, designated Visuo XS809C. On both the wifi version and the FPV Altitude hold versions as we're reviewing here, you have to use the phone app to start and stop recording, as well as to snap pictures.

On / Off Switch

The drone has an on and off switch mounted right behind the camera next to the SD card slot.

With some drones, you have to unplug the battery to shut it down, but not the this one.

Binding the Visuo XS809HW to the handheld controller

In order to bind the drone to the controller, you first turn the drone on, then you turn the controller on. Finally you push the left joystick (throttle) up and down quickly. You'll hear two beeps to signal the drone has bound itself to the controller.

Start The Rotors Spinning on the Visuo XS809HW

The drone has a neat feature to protect itself from accidental take offs. You have to arm the rotors by pulling the sticks down and inward so they point at your toes, so to speak. The rotors will begin turning, but not enough to launch.

You can at this point, either use the automatic takeoff or just launch the drone manually.

The WiFi UFO App

In the app store, look for "WiFi UFO" app and download it. You'll need this app to record the video and fly the drone if you don't want to use the controller.

When you turn the drone on (Visuo XS809HW and XS809W only, not the XS809C) it will take about 10 second to start up the Wi-Fi. You have to connect to the drone's Wi-Fi on your phone first, then open the app.

When you open the app, press START and you should see the live video from the drone on the screen (Visuo XS809HW only).

To record the video, just hit the movie recorder icon before you take off and it will start the recording.

Make sure to always touch the movie icon to stop the recording! If you switch off the drone without hitting stop, the video will be corrupt and will not play.

To take a picture, touch the camera icon on the screen and it will take a 2.0MP picture of whatever you're looking at.

Flying the Visuo XS809HW

This is one easy drone to fly. Once you've got it in the air, it's fairly stable and doesn't jump about too much in level one mode. Of course, if you increase the rate, the drone becomes a lot more touchy to the controls.

It's only decent against wind. If there's a good breeze, it will tend to pull the drone along unless you power up against the wind. You'll find that flying in wind also reduces the batter to about 5 minutes due to the extra power used to maintain course and heading.

Fly-Away Prevention

On many toy drones, if your controller loses it's connection with the drone, those drone won't stop flying away. It's really bad when this happens because you no longer have control of the drone, and it's a flying projectile at that point.

The Visuo XS809HW has a feature that if it looses connection with the controller (or wi-fi app if you're flying with your phone), it will want only five seconds in case your controller reconnects. If it doesn't reconnect, then the drone lands itself to prevent flyoff.