MJX X101A FPV Drone [Upgraded Camera Version]

The MJX X101 Drone has been out for a while, but this version, the MJX X101A offers a really nice FPV Camera Upgrade (C4018 Camera Included).

720P Camera Drone with Anti-Vibration Mount

The camera is the biggest feature of this upgraded MJX X101A that you'll want to learn about. It takes 720P video and image stills. The camera itself draws power from the drone, but is removable if you just want to practice and don't need recording features. The camera also manually tilts up and down on the mount to give you the best angle for video recording.

Price: $324 Includes FREE Shipping | Check Current Price

JJRC H39WH Wi-Fi FPV Camera Drone

The JJRC H39WH FPV Camera Drone Folds Up For Easy Storage and Travel

The JJRC H38WH FPV Camera Drone offers a lot of features for a low price! Taking the H38WH with you isn't a problem either because it's a folding drone that can pack away in your backpack for travel, and is flown from your smartphone too.

Price: $59 via Amazon | Check Current Price

Sunly Alpha Cam GPS 4K Selfie FPV Camera Drone

The Alpha CAM WiFi FPV Mini Flexible Selfie Drone is a high quality selfie drone (in other words, not a toy drone) that records 4K video and offers FPV flight, and it even comes with it's own carrying case too!

Price: $324 Includes FREE Shipping! | Check Current Price

4K Video Drone

One of the neat things about this camera drone is that it records in 4K at 30 frames per second. The video is stunning. Believe me. There's also 16GB of internal solid state storage to record video to, so you don't have to worry about losing those microSD cards. Having onboard storage also means that the software can write data faster and at a lower power consumption.

JDToys JD-11

The JDToys JD-11 Is One Of The Best Looking Drones For Under $100

Coming in at $70, the JDToys JD-11 looks really cool (kind of like another drone? LOL) but costs a lot less than the one that it was roughly modeled after.

The drone's frame is a mix of plastic and aluminum, suggesting a transitional drone for those that are ready to move out of the toy class drones and into something a bit better.

The drone is a bit larger than other toy drones, and is powered by a 7.4v 1200mAh battery to push the larger rotor motors, and give the drone the lift it needs.

Price: $69.99 includes FREE Shipping! | Check Current Price

Cheerson CX-70 FPV Bat Drone

Is It A Watch? Is It A Drone? The Cheerson CX-70 Is Both!

When it comes to cool looking quadcopters, the Cheerson CX-70 Bat Drone looks like something that Batman himself might use.

This is one really unique little drone, that's for sure. The novelty of this drone is sure to attract younger drone enthusiasts, that's for sure (and us DC Comic geeks)!

The CX-70 BAT Drone comes with two modules that snap into the lower main housing. One is a watch and the other is the drone electronics.

To convert the drone to watch form, you just remove the rotor assemblies (they're meant to be removed) and the main drone module. Just snap in the watch module and fold the wings down, and voila! you have a watch!

This quadcopter is perfect for kids that really want to start flying drones. It's a really fun introduction to drones that makes learning a bit more simple. If you're a seasoned drone enthusiast, you might think that this drone is a bit too gimmicky... unless you want something that fits on your comic collection shelf.

Price: $88 via Amazon | Check All Prices Now

GoolRC T32 720P Pocket Selfie Drone

Pocket Selfie Drones are really popular right now, and the GoolRC T32 is one of the most popular due to it's many features and a surprisingly low price.

MJX Bugs 3 GoPro Ready Camera Drone

Finally! A GoPro Ready Drone For About $100

I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of drones that have cheap, crappy 720P pinhole cameras that take video that looks like crap. 

It's amazing that the technology on those cameras haven't chaged in the past two years much.

I wanted something more.

If I want the get camera drone video footage, I want to get GOOD videos, but I don't want to spend a fortune on it.

I already have a GoPro 4 Black and a Yi 4K.

I just needed to find a cheap drone that the action cameras can be mounted to.

Price: $115 via Amazon - Check Current Prices

Visuo XS809HW Folding Altitude Hold FPV Selfie Drone

This Drone Review is on the Visuo XS809HW which is the Altitude Hold version of the sister drone, the XS809W (Notice no "H"). Besides for the altitude hold function, there's no difference between the two, but it's worth going through all the features anyway for a complete quadcopter review today.

The Visuo XS809HW has a low price tag, but is loaded with really cool features.

The first thing you've probably noticed is that the rotor arms tuck away against the body of the quadcopter for easy storage.

This helps immensely when you want to carry the drone with you in a backpack or suitcase where storage space is at a premium.

Yuneec Breeze 4K FPV Camera Drone

In my last post on the Q500, I mentioned that my brother was headed to Peru in February, 2017. Last night, I talked to him about drones and he really wanted to save some space during his travels, and felt that DJI sized drones (The Q500 included) was going to be just too large for what he wanted. I'm no looking at smaller drones that still do the 4K video and have reasonably long flight times. The Yuneec Breeze might just be the answer...

I've had my eye on the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 for a while now. No, it's not for me. My brother is traveling to Peru in February and wants to take a really nice drone, but also has fears of losing it somewhere in his travels. The Yuneec Q500 is the perfect drone for the trip. Here's why: